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"Vic also liked inserting things into my cunt. He had a kink for household objects such as candles or
bottles. The glass felt extremely cool and sexy so maybe a glass dildo is something I should contemplate.
Al just wanted to get his cock up my arse..." 
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The #SoSS meme is a roundup of favourite blogs I’ve visited this week. In order not to duplicate what others have done for #SoSS (Share Our Shit Saturday) (or Sunday if you forget/run out of time) I’m going to give you links to some of their older stuff - because I think their complete blogs are worth reading. Click the links for the full stories, because these are just excerpts.

Isabelle Lauren ~ "I love being Monogamous"

It's natural to assume that most sex bloggers are wild and wanton sex gods/goddesses getting their rocks off in new and amazing ways with all manner of partners every week. And while that's true for some of us for the rest of us that is just the stuff of fantasy. Most of us just lead 'normal' lives like everyone else: 
I sometimes fantasise about having a threesome with hubby and another woman, but I know I will never make that fantasy a reality. I’m a steady-as-you-go-gal. I don’t particularly love surprises. I don’t get excited by a chance encounter with a new partner, or new sexual experiences. The thrill of the hunt, the victory of the capture, are not for me.

I have only had 2 partners in my life (and I know for a sex blogger that is kind of shocking) and I married one of them (the second one in case anyone was wondering). In fact, I have been with my husband for 21 years, so I have had sex with the same partner for 21 years. But I certainly don’t think I lead a boring life. Monogamy is absolutely perfect for me.

What I love about being in a monogamous relationship is how comfortable we are with each other. We can laugh about silly things in the bedroom. We are not afraid to try new things, because we talk about everything and if it doesn’t work – like that time we tried a very complicated position and collapsed on the bed – we can laugh about it and carry on with something else....
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Posy Churchgate ~ Pillow Talk - 'Young Posy' tells a Toy Story

Posy has chosen to dip into the memory banks to tell some stories about when she was younger. This is her first and it's a tale about buying her first sex toy. Her memories were similar to mine and it felt like I was right there with her:
The B/F and I decide to drive up to London so that we can go to a sex shop in Soho and buy a vibrator. I am totally up for it, it feels so taboo!

The first shop we go to is a big disappointment, it has a big glass front but I’d expected it to be displaying mannequins in sexy underwear or kinky sex devices (strap-ons and gimp masks perhaps? Not sure how much I knew back then) but it looks more like a video store, both from the outside and the inside!

I go in with B/F, but with head down and my hands dug into my pockets. I don’t look at anybody but feel everyone is staring at me! Ridiculous I know, but I bet most of you can relate (from your own first purchase of: condoms / girly mags / sex toys). Anyway, the fella is as intimidated as me so we leave the shop not having looked at or purchased anything.

Once outside the store we feel rather foolish, the adrenaline is still rushing around our bodies making us feel bolder, realising this is a VERY wasted journey if we’re going to drive home if we are too scared to buy anything! So we just keep walking until we come to another one. This one looks a bit more how I’d expected, with displays of gaudy negligees which would leave nothing to the imagination and shiny pvc hotpants, corsets and long boots! We stride in and although I still feel a bit furtive I make myself look around at all the shelves of wares and the other shoppers - who hilariously did not want to make eye contact at all! So I feel better already!
I don’t want to choose something too big for me, so we go for a 6-7” bullet shaped vibe made of hard, cream-coloured plastic. As we stand at the counter waiting to pay, my confidence is going through the roof! What a liberated girl I am! Kind of badass! Do any of my friends have a vibrator? I doubt it. Ours is put in a brown paper bag and we leave the shop, giggling and elated... [much more - including details of first use!]

Victoria ~ Pretty Pink Lotus Bud - "Does Too Much Masturbation Make Me Less Sensitive?"

Victoria describes herself as an advocate for every womxn who has ever been hoe-bashed or slut-shamed into believing there was something she needed to do or be in order to acquire the love and respect she deserves. Following on from last week's #SoSS post on lessened sensitivity (after repeated sex toy use) I was alerted to this post by Victoria:
With all of the [sex toy] reviews I have in the works, it is safe to say I have been doing quite a bit of masturbating. Yes, indeed. Before the 30-day orgasm [challenge] and Masturbation Month [May], I had never masturbated this much in my life. And never this consistently. So when someone following me asked whether a woman could become less sensitive due to “overstimulation” from masturbation I had no clue how to answer.

I ended up posting the question on my Instagram for others to answer. The spectrum of responses was so broad, my proposed solution didn’t get me any closer to the truth of whether “too much” masturbation causes you to become less sensitive. One follower suggested that it might require more stimuli and more work to reach orgasm in the future.
[So] for 30 days every single evening, I watched porn half expecting that each new climax would somehow cause me to become less interested in the next. To make a long story short, that never happened. And with each new climax, I half expected that the next one would take longer to achieve. Nope, that didn’t happen either.

Masturbating every day for 30 days straight using my fingers and a variety of toys did not cause me to become less sensitive. In fact, I found that... 
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  1. Hi Nero - I loved that you included this in your share. Can I just put you straight that it's not my first 'young Posy' post, that was "Good Girls Don't" as I was only 14 at that point.


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