Tuesday, June 26, 2018

#TMITuesday: June 26, 2018 ~ Sex Is Life!

1. Is your sex life more fantasy or reality?
~ It's neither at the moment. I'm heading off on vacation for 3 weeks on Friday and I'm busting my nuts to get things done before I go. I'm also not well - a rash on various parts of my body that I can't seem to get rid of. I'm sure it's stress related. We didn't have sex last Saturday night (regular readers know this lament) and it's unlikely we will have it on Wednesday. 
And it's unlikely we will have any on vacation since our daughter is traveling with us and we're sharing a hotel room for the duration!
So... to answer the question... we've both been too busy to have sex and I'm too busy to masturbate so it's neither fantasy or reality at the moment. I'm guessing there will be a lot of sneaky masturbation by me in the next three weeks, so that suggests fantasy will be in my future*

2. If you could hook-up with a past lover (with no repercussions or regret), who would it be and why? (No need to use real names just briefly describe the person and their relationship to you)
~ I can do one better: just go to the tag/label Ex at the bottom and you'll see a few post about my most favorite ex girlfriend. Because we were fucking dynamite in bed (pun intended) every.fucking.time.

3. You can only indulge in one of the following sex acts for the rest of your life, which would you choose to enjoy?
a. oral sex, only giving
b. 69
c. oral sex, only receiving
d. mutual masturbation
~ Definitely [D]. because when I'm 69 neither of us is going to want to have the other one lying on top of us! I think by that age we'd both be more comfortable facing each other in armchairs, whacking off!

The clitoris and the penis are the same thing during the
embryonic stage of development. It's only when the genitals
fully develop in the womb that the two become different.
Which is why some women can have a very large clitoris.
4. With each lover do you pay attention to what they want or do you have a repertoire that you stick to when having sex?
~ While I have a 'bag of tricks' I'd be crazy to trot them out by rote. Every woman is different so you damned sure better check what they like or you'll be sent packing sooner than you can say "Oops, did I stick it in your butt by accident?"

5. Do you initiate sex for healthful benefits, e.g., to sleep better or relieve pain?
~ Yes, but that more explains my reasons for masturbation. My wife seems oblivious to the mental anguish and the terrible sleep habits I have due to lack of sexual intimacy. I'm serious - after 25+ years together I totally recognize whats going on with my body. I sleep maybe 6-7 hours a night.

Bonus: Do you understand the clitoris?
~ I talk to my wife's pussy all the time but it's hard to understand. When it replies it mumbles -- you can see the lips moving but you can't hear what it's saying!
Oh, that's a terrible joke (I probably told it wrong) but seriously... I'm kind of aware of it. It's bigger than the little 'love button' we see when we stare at a woman's vagina. There's a whole 'wishbone' hidden behind the skin, full of a zillion nerve endings. That's why women like being rubbed around the vulva and not just on the clit. Rather than mansplain, here's Wikipedia!

Double Bonus: As I mentioned, no sex since last Wednesday so nothing new to report. My #SoSS post has some good links in it. (Oh, yes - there's some bonus sex hidden at the end of Saturday Sizzle - Part 2 (Final) which starts off quite boring) (and maybe finishes a bit long winded too!)

* Ladies, if you wish to assist my fantasies during the Long Family Vacation please feel free to send nudes via DM at Twitter or Instagram)

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Happy TMI Tuesday!


  1. Yay for not mansplaining and sorry about the lack of sex

    1. As lawyers often say: always answer a question with either 'yes' or 'no' - anything more will just get you in trouble!

  2. i dont care if you mansplan - and my god why u going on a bout nude pics - i send u on ever day!


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