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#WickedWednesday ~ Marked!

This is a complete work of fiction, inspired by the Wicked Wednesday weekly prompt. 

The flutter of butterflies in Jenny's stomach was so strong it felt like they were punching to get out. The ache in her gut was matched by the ache in her heart, yet Jenny knew she had to suck it up and take the first step. There had been problems in her marriage for some time now and whilst Jenny and her husband Mark had both completed counseling together to try to repair the damage all they'd really done was paper over the cracks. Everything seemed fine but within a month they were back in the same rut, both seemingly unable to change the divergent paths they were on. That was almost a year ago and now, after 15 years of marriage, it seemed like they were just 'companions' - housemates sharing a home but living separate lives.

They hadn't had sex in the six months since his birthday but there was no avoiding that tonight was their Wedding Anniversary and he would consider that his 'conjugal right' too. Jenny sighed inwardly as she remembered how good it had been when they first met and fell in love. They'd been so young, still virgins, and although the sex was good it was never great. She'd tried to spice things up with sexy lingerie and new positions or 'tricks' but Mark never seemed to appreciate any of her efforts. By their fifth anniversary it was business as usual: Saturday night = Sex night = Four minutes of foreplay = Missionary for a further four minutes.

In their counseling sessions he couldn't see what the problem was, stubbornly insisting it was twelve minutes minimum, and suggesting maybe the problem was in her head. When Mark said she should just 'get her head in the game', she resolved to take action unilaterally. Which she did, signing up for a Sexual Wellbeing class that she'd seen advertised at her local Community Center.

What a trip that had been! Jenny did various workshops on 'self discovery' - which were really just classes on how to feel yourself up and learn how to masturbate in different ways - but these had been invaluable. Learning to pleasure herself sexually had freed her mind and ignited a passion inside her that laid bare all that had been missing in her life so far. She started following sex blogs online and whole new world of sexual diversity opened up to her.

Jenny discovered she liked new things - kinky things - and had tried to share this with her husband but he had resisted, strongly, asking her where all these dark desires came from and questioning her mental health.

"Where do you get these perverted ideas?" he'd shouted, during their last sexual encounter. "Why should I hold you down and slap you? I'm your husband - not your rapist!" Jenny hadn't asked to be raped, all she'd done was say it was his birthday and he could do what he liked to her - maybe even get rough with her if he wanted to, smack her ass a bit - but Mark had over reacted. She felt hurt - she'd tried to give him a special sexual gift but he'd rejected it.

To appease him Jenny quickly lay on her back and spread her legs. She grabbed his softening cock and tugged it back to life, before pointing it at her pussy and guiding him in. She could feel the stubble on his chin as it scraped against her shoulder while he humped her, his face buried in the pillow behind her head. The scratching made a nice distraction to the dryness she felt below.

They stopped having sex after that and Jenny resumed her solo quest to find a way forward. She knew the pleasures she craved but the problem was how to convince her husband to play ball. How could she get his head in the game? The games she wanted to play, that is. A fire had been lit and she wasn't going to extinguish it - and she wasn't ready to accept another 15 years of missionary every Saturday night either.

Jenny returned to the sex blogging community for answers, asking direct questions in online forums, and seeking advice from others who had once been in her shoes.  She'd ran the gauntlet of unsolicited dick pics and cheeky offers for lunchtime assignations in hotel rooms but by and large the community had been a great help. She'd quickly learnt she was not alone and certainly not the only woman in the world who wanted something more than just vanilla sex.

She struck up many online friendships with likeminded women and one introduced her to a man that would change her life. They never met in real life but communicated regularly online and via private email, and very quickly a strong bond developed between them. He lived in another city and would give her advice that always proved invaluable. He clearly knew how to listen to women and he knew what she wanted.  He seemed to understand her completely, and she trusted him absolutely.

So when he offered to give her a series of tasks to perform she accepted readily. He said they would open her up sexually and if she completed all the tasks in the order prescribed then she would earn the opportunity to meet him in person and call him by his name: Master K. What they would do when they met wasn't specified but she knew they would fuck, and that prospect excited her greatly.  She knew now that her husband couldn't deliver on her needs, and that he was incapable of loving her the way she wanted to be loved.

The tasks were all of a sexual nature and her heart skipped a beat as she ran her eye down the list. They started easy - first she had to go shopping wearing a short see through dress without underwear, and then come home and video herself masturbating on the cold kitchen tile, and then send him the video as a trust exercise - but the tasks got harder as they became even more daring and more complicated. Her final task was to fuck her husband on their Anniversary night and whilst in one sense it would be easy she also knew that it would be the toughest one.

Toughest because at that point all bridges would be burnt and there was no going back. Their marriage would be over. There was no way it could survive the list of tasks Master K had assigned her.  Jenny looked at the list for a third time, exhaled aloud, and reminded herself that she had done all she could to keep the marriage alive. She had done all the work but Mark had failed to met her even half way. As much as she was angry their marriage had failed, she was thrilled at the new life that awaited her under the care of Master K.

And that was what she focussed on as she climbed into bed with her husband on their 15th Wedding Anniversary....

story continues here in Part 2 (Final)


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  1. 'after 15 years of marriage, it seemed like they were just 'companions' - housemates sharing a home but living separate lives'

    This line accurately sums up marriage...

    I love the surprise tattoo at the end - good for Jenny!

  2. Good for Jenny for going her own way, but even so this story made me feel uncomfortable because she went behind her husband's back. I understand that things work like that in real life though. Actually, I think my disappointment come from me hoping, towards the end, that there would be a twist where Master K was her husband.

    Rebel xox

    1. Yes, I was trying to convey that Jenny was trying but Mark wasn’t - but the story was already so long I had to cut chunks out. Often when people ‘cheat’ its done out of a sense they’d tried to save the relationship but their partner wouldnt change.

    2. @ Marie - May has just alerted me to the word limit, which I'd forgotten. Sorry, I missed that - I'll make it two parts next time.

  3. Enjoyable read - nice that it was from Jenny's POV too. The twist of the tattoo at the end was fabulous! Thanks Nero.
    Indie x

    1. I’m glad you liked it. The story was predicated on the twist. That was my starting point.

  4. Really liked that Nero - u had me all the way through, thou would have liked it to be two parts - knew exactly where the cut would go. ;-)

    1. Interesting! Where would you have put the cut?
      I didn’t put one in because it was a Wicked Wednesday post and I didnt want people to have to wait until Thursday for the payoff (if they came via the WW site). But I’m open to feedback!

    2. I would have put it here -
      "She had done all the work but Mark had failed to met her even half way. As much as she was angry their marriage had failed, she was thrilled at the new life that awaited her under the care of Master K."

      And WW rules say 1200 at max per post but Marie is very good about people going over - I have before. Because it is your post I will always read it in its entirety - but if it was someone else's I may skim as its so long ;-) I really enjoyed it though

    3. Thats a good cut point - and I'd totally missed seeing that there was/is the 1200 word limit. Oops!

  5. Normally I wouldn't like the idea of a wife cheating, BUT you conveyed his cluelessness in such a way that I couldn't help but gasp (in shock) and grin (evilly) at the end. Would I do it? No. Do I kind of like the fact that she did? Maybe a little. ;)

    1. No-one likes cheating (except cheaters!) but it was a plot device necessary to deliver us to the twist. (A means to an end, perhaps?)

  6. Hey Nero, this was great. Like Rebel I felt a bit uncomfortable at the cheating but I concede that Jenny did try everything before wandering off the path. I was also like her in hoping that her OH would turn out to be Master K, but as soon as it was their anniversary night I could tell THAT wasn't the twist. Well plotted and realistically drawn central character.


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