Wednesday, June 20, 2018

#WickedWednesday ~ Saturday Sizzle

In Sunday's post I mentioned we had sex on Saturday night, and I promised you all the details today. So here they are...

"Would you like me to smack your arse again?" I asked her, in the darkness.

"What? Why" she questioned. She seemed bewildered.

"Well, last Saturday you seemed to enjoy it" I explained.

"Oh" she said, understanding now. She said nothing else. 

"So... what kind of foreplay do you like?" I continued, to fill the silence "I'm really not that sure anymore"

"Well..." she paused for thought, "I like it when you kiss and nibble my neck. And then do the same to my ear"

"Hmmmm" I responded, snuggling in close behind her "do you like me to kiss you behind the ear or on the ear?"  I gave her examples of both, whispering softly but deeply into her ear for good measure. My warm breath cascaded behind her ear and down the back of her neck.

"Both" she said, shivering with delight.

It was on. I began kissing, nibbling and biting on the back of her neck and ear. This made her squirm and writhe - she was loving it.

"What kind of foreplay do you like?" she asked, as she pressed herself back against me.

"Oh, I'm easy to please" I reopened, "your hand or mouth on my dick is pretty good. You have such a great mouth..."

My wife moved my hand down to her pussy at that point, pressing me deep into her cleft. I moved my left arm around behind her neck and clasped her left breast as my right hand squeezed her cunt. Meanwhile my lips worked their magic on the back of her neck - kissing, licking and biting. She moaned and writhed against me, her lips wet against my fingers. She placed her hand over mine, pushing me in hard against her, my palm smashing her pubic bone.

She seemed to be cumming but then she stopped suddenly and repositioned herself. She snuggled down into the crook of my arm, leaning against me like a bean bag, her body about 30 degrees away from me. That meant my hands could not reach her pussy, so I cupped both her breasts instead and began massaging them. With her left hand on her vulva she reached right back around and grabbed my cock.

She began pumping it, jacking it off in long steady strokes. My dick was already hard and this felt great. Her left hand was now moving faster on herself and her right followed suit on me. My wife started to pant and moan. And talk dirty: "Oh yeah, that's a nice big cock. Mmmmm, it feels good, nice and meaty" She was jerking me really fast now, and it was starting to feel a little painful. My wife was getting lost in her own lust.

Without warning she stopped and grabbed my hand and placed it on my dick. "Yeah, jerk that cock for me, make it big..." 

No sooner were the words out of her lips than she had both of her hands on herself. She spread her legs just a fraction wider and clasped her vulva tightly, gripping it firmly with both hands. I jacked my dick as requested but was distracted by the sight of my wife going hell for leather next to me. Distracted as in "oh, thats definitely for your pleasure, not mine" not "wow, that's hot"

I presume she had one hand fingering her wet slit with the other one on top of it pushing hard to squash it down tight. Whatever I had done to spark the flame had clearly exploded the gun powder within - within a minute or two she was thrusting upwards violently, humping her hand for all she was worth. I'm guessing that was her first orgasm because she slumped down and took a breath.

It didn't take long for her to collect her thoughts because she only had one thought on her mind: More!

She sprang up and flung her leg over my hip. Sitting astride my stiff prick she grabbed it and positioned it at her wet hole - and then slowly inserted it inside herself. She sank slowly, feeling the length, but once she felt my balls on her ass she began riding me fast. The Cowgirl position only just makes her Top 5 but it was clearly hitting the spot for her tonight - she rode me hard and fast, with an energy I haven't seen in a while.

She would occasionally grab my balls and play with them but mostly she would grab her own breasts with both hands and squeeze them quite roughly. I did the same to her butt, grabbing both cheeks with both hands and massaging them with an iron grip - or slapping them without warning. She seemed to like this as she bounced up and down on me quite wildly. I don't know if she came again, because there wasn't much hand-to-clit action, but her head was thrown back and she was giving her boobs a good workout.

When she was done she stopped and twisted herself around. Now in the Reverse Cowgirl position she resumed her breakneck ride on my dick. She was bouncing up and down and back and forth (if you've done it like that you'll know what I'm talking about) but this time she definitely had her hand on her clit. It must've been good because she lent over and propped herself up on one hand so she could push back harder. 

She felt tight and my cock felt great (thanks for asking) and I think she was feeling the same way. She was now almost in a one handed doggy position, riding my dick backwards and slapping her cunt with her free hand. It was an open slap and I think she came again because she suddenly dropped down onto both elbows and slowed down a bit. She was riding me in long strokes but I sensed she was wanting me to tag in and take over.

Which I did.

I pushed her forward and climbed out from beneath/behind her. Grabbing two pillows I placed them perpendicular with the edge of the bed and told her to climb on top. Which she did. I manhandled her a bit and pulled her back closer to the edge of the bed, so I could mount her doggy style - but from a standing position at the side of the bed. I grabbed her. hips and slid myself back in - and then proceeded to pound her firmly but not too roughly.

She started moaning and groaning and it was clear she was in a lustul state. I climbed up on the plinth around the bed and started fucking her from an even more upright position. She likes this because if I hold her hips softly all she feels is the width of my cock sliding in and out of her wet hole. I know she likes it that way because said said words to that effect as I fucked her from behind!

I don't know if she came again but I was certainly feeling it. Unfortunately what I was feeing was a foot cramp! WTF?! (Note to self: Nero you are old now - you need to do stretches and a warmup before attempting sexual exercise!) I pulled out and stepped off the plinth and dropped to my knees. With my nose buried in her vagina I began licking her pussy lips and clit, all the while grabbing my foot and trying to massage away the knot.

It didn't help at all so I stood up again and tried to flex and bend it (my foot!) while I stared at the delicious round booty before me. I licked my fingers and inserted one slowly into her, which made her groan. So I slipped another finger in, which made her groan louder - and then she started fingering her clit as well. 

I ran those two fingers in and out of her cunt like a cock and then curled them a little so I could massage her g-spot. She started massaging her clit and then whacking it with her open hand.  I could tell she was getting close to something more so I started talking dirty, telling her what a wanton slut she was.

"Look at you, on all fours, getting fingered from behind, and loving it..."

That was all I could manage before I felt her pussy twitch, clamp around my fingers, and pulse wildly.  She was cumming again! I stopped my pistoning movement but left my fingers where they were - when she was done she slumped forward and rolled to the side of the pillows I'd stacked. She groaned very loudly and said "!" which was/is always nice to hear. 

Even nicer was later. when she admitted she had come three times. "Possibly four!"


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  1. Great you guys having regular sex again. I am a little envious that she can have orgasms so close together. I cant. Once i have cum I am sensitive to touch there for quite some time ;-)

    1. Maybe she's not, maybe she's just cresting? If I was god I'd make people turn green when they climax, so there can be no doubt. Maybe I should talk to the guys who make that additive for swimming pools (turns the pool green if you pee in it)?
      Seriously, its my worst nightmare that she's faking it. Imagine if our long married sex life was all a lie? Gulp!

  2. This all sounds so hot. Love that both of you got so much from it, that she really enjoyed it too. And like May said, love that you seem to have regular sex again :)

    Rebel xox

  3. I think dont worry if it is a full orgasm she is having, or cresting, it feels awesome and she's clearly enjoying it. Is this slapping her clit a new thing? If so I bet its come from all the reading ...I'm defo trying out new things I've read about (yeah yeah we know Posy) - I never knew I'd get so much pleasure from treating my nipples so roughly ... and butt play, dont get me started!! Yay for you and wifey Nero = sooo pleased for you!

    1. No, the slapping has been in and out of favor for the entire time we've been together. Obviously only when she needs and extra kick.


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