Monday, June 4, 2018

You won't believe how the sex drought broke... Part 3

This is a standalone story which you can dive into right now. If you want Parts 1 & 2 you'll find links at the end. Read this one first...

At 10pm my wife came downstairs, standing between me and the TV wearing nothing but a long t-shirt that only just covered her ass.

"So..." she said coyly, "how are you feeling? Are you up for a little pussy lickin'?"

"You know I am" I replied, even though I didn't feel great and wasn't in the least bit horny. Both my wife and I had been sick for the last five days. She'd caught it a day ahead of me, then infected me, and now she was feeling better. So much better she had offered me sex after coming home in the afternoon from a surprise free waxing session (see here for how that happened) at her nail salon.

Not right then and there but 'later, tonight' - which was a blessing because I had literally just finished some 'solo fun' when she'd returned home. My wife and I had stopped having sex 3 months earlier, leaving me to 'help myself' as the need arose. Her hibernating libido had clearly been roused from it's slumber by the free Brazilian that afternoon and who knew how long it would last?

I pushed her down on the sofa, in the middle of the 'V' part of the 'L' shaped couch in our TV room. Positioning her on her back I kissed her lips, nuzzled her neck, and then dropped to my knees on the floor. Propped languidly on the multitude of large cushions we keep on the large sofa she spread her legs a little wider, displaying herself in a wanton manner. She said nothing but gave me 'the look'. The look that said both 'what are you going to do now?' and 'I know what you're going do now!'

I lifted the hem of her t-shirt slowly, teasing both of us as her smooth bare pussy came in to view...

I bent down and kissed her mons, then ran my tongue around her pussy lips. I circled and kissed her a few times and then ran my flattened tongue up and down her slit. She arched her back and moaned, she loves it like that. I licked and nibbled her for a while before pushing my tongue through her wet slit to find her clit.

When I found it I flattened my tongue again and pressed forward, pushing against her and then releasing the pressure and then applying it again. My tongue pulsed against her swelling clit, pushing harder and harder as her clit did the same.

My wife started to thrash and yet she grabbed my head, holding me in the spot where she wanted me. I obliged, keeping my head still and moving only with my tongue. "Oh, yes" she grunted "that's good, just there!" She was holding me in place with my flat tongue to one side of her clit so I released the pressure and started just bobbing my head lightly. This made my tongue saw back and forth against her hot button and she responded by easing the pressure on my head.

Releasing her grasp on me ever so slightly I matched her movements by pulling my head back slowly and made my tongue movements even more gentle. "Mmmmmm" she purred, "just like that, just like that, oh that's nice..."  Her voice trailed off and she began to pant quietly. I kept my tongue down but moved my head back a little bit, allowing me to breathe through my mouth (since my nose was blocked by my cold). Cunnilingus can be hard on an asthmatic with a head cold!

My wife was oblivious and I had no sooner caught my breath when she grabbed my head and pulled me back in. She was moaning louder now and pushed my face hard against her sopping cunt as I tongued her vagina before homing back in on her clit. I pushed my tongue flat again as she did a little grind on my face. She had both hands on the back of my head so I pushed mine up her body and started massaging her boobs as she massaged my face with her pussy.

Her breasts felt full and her nipples were hard, just like the clit pressed against my tongue. She gripped me suddenly and arched her back, pushing my face down into her lap and then bringing it back up again as she shook against me. "Gahhhhh!" she cried out, as she came hard. She rode out her orgasm and then released me, her hands flopping to her sides as she sunk back into the sofa.

"That was great" she sighed, "You have such a talented tongue..."

"Good!" I responded, getting to my feet. "I aim to please"

I dropped my pants to my ankles, freeing my stiff cock, but when she didn't move I dropped down onto the spot beside her. I had presumed 'it was my turn now' but my wife was now suddenly reticent.

"What if [our daughter] comes downstairs? She might catch us!" she whispered. I thought it odd that my wife had been unconcerned about our daughter catching us when it had been my head wedged in her lap but I chose not to mention it. Instead I said "Okay, then how about you go upstairs and get your favorite vibrator, and some lube, and meet me downstairs in the movie room?" It was an instruction, not a question.

Down in the movie room we had another 'L' shaped couch, so I dimmed the lights, dropped my pants again, and positioned myself in the 'V' to await my wife. I figured we'd start with a blow job and then when I was ready we'd swap positions and I'd finish her off doggy style while she frigged her clit with the vibe. But when my wife joined me it was clear she had a different scenario in mind...

She'd brought the lube and her vibrator but she'd also brought down the Verge (a cock ring vibe) for me. And a towel. She placed the towel down on the space next to me on the sofa and then sat herself on it. Squeezing out some lube she spread her legs and lathered it into her pussy. When she was done she reached over and wiped the excess over my cock and balls. She then handed me the Verge as she fired up her own vibe. Once she'd found the right speed she started running it up and down her cleft.

I was a little dumbstruck to say the least. This wasn't the sex I'd imagined we'd be having after a 3 month 'drought' and although I'm not adverse to a little mutual masturbation session this wasn't that either. My wife was just masturbating solo while I was present and was expecting me to do the same. Not a word had been said, other than some small talk, making the whole scene quite weird. I was gobsmacked and didn't even know what to do with the Verge - it was something we used when I fucked her, so we'd both benefit from the vibes.

Maybe she was expecting me to put it on and be poised and ready to go when she was ready to cum? If so then what did it make me - a human dildo? She was certainly working her own vibe pretty good over her pussy, oblivious to the angst running through my head. I decided to stop the angst and catch up with her.

"Let's swap places" I said, as I stood up. She grabbed the towel and moved it to the 'V' and then sat back down again, spreading her legs wide.  As I stood above her she looked up at me and made eye contact as she ran the vibe up and down her pussy. 'Great, that's a little more inclusive' I thought to myself, but even as I thought it her eyelids started to flutter and she clamped them shut.  She started pumping the vibe in and out of her pussy like a dildo.

As I watched her slide that vibrator in and out of her sopping wet pussy I thought to myself 'I've never seen her do it like that before. She normally just vibes her clit - when did she start doing it this way? How did she learn that trick? What did she get up to on her retreat/conference in South China?' I suddenly had visions of her putting on some sort of show for the guys she stayed with (see here for that long story).

I didn't like those dark thought and I didn't like what was happening now.

"Let's swap places" I said again, as I grabbed her free hand and helped her up. No, I didn't yank her up - she was confused but compliant. She got on her knees between my legs as I took her place on the couch. She grabbed my dick and started jacking my cock. I was already hard but this felt good and she had the rhythm and grip just right. I sunk back further into the sofa and groaned appreciatively.

It wasn't long before she sucked the head of my cock into her warm wet mouth, which made me moan even deeper. Soon she was booming up and down on my dick, deep-thoating me, and sucking me for all she was worth. She licked her finger and played with my asshole but I told her I didn't want her finger inside. She always does it and her fingernail always hurts and I always tell her afterwards I hate that but she still always does it. This time I told her immediately, and she took the hint.

So she stopped, switched on the Verge, licked it's pointy nub and then pressed it against my ass!

Luckily it actually felt quite good and there was no intense penetration involved. I let her play with it and my asshole for a bit, while she simultaneously tongued my balls and jerked my cock with her free hand. It felt great and I yet I didn't feel any closer to cumming. I wanted something more, and that included penetration.

I tapped my wife to tell her to stop, and then asked her to get up, grab her vibe, and mount my cock in the reverse cowgirl position. I know she likes it that way and she happily got up, grabbed the vibe, and then planted herself back down on my cock. Before doing so she repositioned the Verge cock ring so the curved part was on my balls, as the 'O' part circled my cock.  She bounced up and down on my stiff prick for a while before placing her own vibe on her clit.

That set her right off and she was bouncing up and down on my dick like a jockey racing for the finish line at the Grand Derby. I couldn't see much from my side but I could I feel it. She was going wild and clearly hitting several spots at once on her side. I gripped her hips to stop her flailing, at which point she hunched over, impaled herself on my cock, and her whole body went rigid as she gained her vibe deep into herself.

"Oh.god.I'm.cumming!" she grunted, staccato.

When she was done she just kind of slumped, like a rag doll that won't fall over. I tapped her on the small of her back and told her to get up and off me. She stood up and I did the same. I grabbed her hip with one hand and pressed down on her shoulders with the other, indicating that she should get in the stand up doggy position. She did exactly that, grabbing the ottoman in front of her and gripping a corner with each hand. As she leaned over she spread her legs a little wider to receive me.

I removed the Verge and turned it over and around, meaning the curved part would be hitting her slit as I pummeled her from behind. When she heard me cranking up the power a notch or two she grabbed her vibe and did the same. Holding her self steady with one hand she brought the vibe to her clit and immediately her knees buckled a little.

"Oh.god" she gasped. There was clearly another orgasm lying in wait.

I climbed up behind her, placed the tip of my cock at her wet hole, and pressed forward. I slid in easily but she felt tight around my dick. "Oh.Fuck!" she cried as I slowly started thrusting in and out of her. I gripped her hips and started pounding her. I could feel the Verge vibrating around my cock and I visualized it rubbing between her pussy lips. Then I felt her vibe on my balls, briefly, before she returned it to her clit.

I kept thrusting and she started panting. She was getting tighter and tighter as she clamped around my cock and it was starting to get painful since she was starting to dry out. Did this mean she wasn't enjoying it? I was just about to suggest more lube when she groaned "I'm gonna cum, oh god, yes".  I gripped her tighter and pounded harder and deeper as I felt her push that vibe hard against herself.

I felt her pulsing around my dick as she cried out "I'm cum-ming!" and she hunched over and kind of clenched up her body. I grabbed both of her hips again and started pistoning out of her tight hole. Suddenly my balls erupted and I filled her with my hot sticky seed. She ran the vibe over my balls to get the last of it but I was spent. I slumped back on the couch as she turned and ran for the bathroom.

When she returned she'd cleaned herself up and offered me some tissues to do the same. "So how was it for you?" I asked her as she sat beside me. "Good, I came twice" she volunteered "you fucked my ass royally - you know that don't you?" It was the latter that confused me, and she could tell. "You were literally fucking my ass for that last part" she continued "couldn't you tell?"

I had to admit to that I couldn't, which led to a conversation all of its own. I'll share that with you on Thursday!


If you want to read Part 1 click here, and if you want to read Part 2 then click here. If you're late to all of this then read Thursdays post here.  This post has also been submitted to Masturbation MondayClick this link for more stories like mine!


  1. Well, an end to a drought is good, right? I have to admit that reading your personal stories does sort of break my heart. I'm not sure if it's intentional or if I'm just a judge-y sort, but your lovely wife comes across as a rather selfish lady with little regard for you or your feelings. Of course, I'm afraid, if my husband kept a blog, it might be rather similar to yours, so I'm careful to hold my tongue in this regard. I do so feel for you, though. You obviously very much love your wife and want for her to fulfill your needs. I appreciate this intimate look you offer your readers into your feelings and experiences. As I have said before, it gives me a small clue of the stand-point my own husband is coming from, being the higher-libido spouse.

    1. Thank you, you're very kind. My wife is blissfully happy with her life, as best I can tell.

    2. But, as you are not...blissfully happy, that is.... And I find that disconcerting. I suppose it is why I love reading your blog posts. You are so open and honest and vulnerable. And I want to take her by the shoulders and shake her and say..."Hey! You have this man who is so in love with you he is willing to just shrivel into himself to make you happy." And then I see I am shaking myself, and I should follow my own damned advice. I guess that makes you an oracle of sorts.

  2. Great comment from Brigit. This is kinda what I expected - well TBH exactly what I expected. She needs a good bloody spanking!

    1. Yes, she does. We tried that once but she said I didn't do it right! :-)

  3. Loved this Nero - very descriptive. The amount of times you & OH change positions during a sex sesh... It's like a porno! How did you not know you were butt fucking her though?! We need your post sex de-brief!!

    1. Is that a lot? Interesting. It's kinda normal for us to switch it up a little. Maybe I'm trying too hard. As for the anal thing, yes I did wonder about that myself and I think I've figured it out. But its a long answer so I might make that a standalone post. For a clue see

  4. Wow! When it rains, it pours or some other appropriate drought-ending metaphor. I'm glad, in the end, you got a bit of what you needed. And yes, I found that ironic that while you're eating her out, she's not worried about anyone walking in on you...


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