Monday, July 2, 2018

My Cruel Mistress

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I am enjoying participating in the Smut Marathon and I will continue as long as I can, but when I see such wide variations amongst the judges it confirms to me that I must write what I want to write and not worry about what others might think. In the latest results table you see examples of one judge scoring a 10 and another a 1 – for the same entry! And its the same from the public votes. To me that proves a reader will either ‘get’ what I’ve written or not, so there is no point trying to pander to them!!

The deadline for Round 6 is this weekend. Below you will find my Round 5 entry. The assignment for Round 5 was:
Choose one of the masturbation scenes from Round 4 (not your own) and write an erotic scene from the perspective of the sex toy in the chosen scene.
Writers were not allowed to choose their own story from Round 4 and the new story they crafted had to be 400 words maximum.

The version below was started fifteen minutes before deadline and came in at 519 words, which I then had to prune down to 394 words in order to meet the 400 word limit. The words in italics (below) are the ones I chopped out. The reason it was so late was because I left it to the final week (typical me) but by then I was sick (fever!) so every day I'd put it off to the next. I felt so sick I almost dropped out but in the end I decided to go for it - which I did with a minute to spare!

My original idea (that I had before I became ill) was that the sex toy would become sentient due to a glitch in the microchip. A mistake in the factory perhaps, that had led to an AI chip being installed, making it self aware.  The word limit put paid to any set up, so I went straight to the sentient part and hoped readers would understand that in the digital realm everything is binary - it's either Ones or Zeros - and that the vibrator was either on or off. When it was off it could not think or be aware - it did not dream. This made the vibe a slave to its Mistress, who held all power over it. 

I like the idea but as both the judges and the voting public recognized, it was a concept too big for it's word limit. Maybe I would have realized that if I had not left it so late to start - something I plan to rectify for Round 6 !!

My entry was based on Round 4's entry #4 - Playing with Magic by Lascivious Lucy

My entry was called:

My Cruel Mistress

I am Zero then I am One. Asleep then awake. Sylvia has risen me from my slumber, summoning me to work once again.

Slumber is perhaps too kind a word - I am either on or off, there is no rest. I do not dream of electric sheep when I am Zero because I am nothing then. But now I am One, again.

I wonder what work she has in store for me this time, what tasks will she have me perform for her now?

There have been times when I have been plunged into her warm wet depths almost immediately, furiously slicing in and out of her hole before being smashed against her hard clit and held there until the throbbing subsides. Oh how I hate those moments, because the moments are so fleeting. I am no sooner One than I am Zero again.

But not now.

Her fingers have only pressed my nubbin twice, meaning I am possibly in for a long One. I shake gently, full of hope and dread. Hope that her fingers won’t find my nubbin again, dread that they will - forcing me to run faster and harder which I know to be the forerunner of a swift return to Zero.

I feel the warmth of her skin as her gentle fingers rub me over and around her breasts. I savor the moment, relishing the difference between soft and hard as she bounces me against her swollen nipples. I dance briefly around her pendulous curves and then suddenly I am flying, racing down her flesh, running to my Zero. I know what happens when she pushes me down there, it is always the same and it always ends in Zero.

I rest briefly against her mons, feeling the heat flowing into me and her energy passing into me. It is this energy that gives me strength, allowing me time to think - time to think of a way out of this wretched existence. Does she know I yearn for escape from her clutches? From her control?

But no sooner am I plotting my escape than I feel myself drawn down further, skimming across her thighs before being turned upwards. My bulbous head rests against her pussy once more and I can I feel the heat burning against me as her fingers scrabble to find my nubbin. As her energy flows into me I desperately try to think, furiously fighting to find a way out but time has run out. She presses hard against my nubbin twice and suddenly I am shaking violently, flailing wildly and unable to think.

She pushes me into her wet cunt and then drags me out again, running me up her slit, making me wet. I feel her clit hard against me and it is all I can feel. She holds me there firmly and I feel her throb against me, pulsing. I hear her scream and I know that Zero will be next. It will not be long now, not long before I am nothing once again. My life is in her hands.

She is a cruel Mistress.


  1. you are a fab writer and thats why u write them as a last minute entry and still do well! I quoted you in my smut marathon summary

    1. Thank you , you’re very kind. And my latest entry was also written at ten to midnight (Dutch time!). Crazy!


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