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OPP: Dr Lexi - The Party

I have discovered Alexis McCall's sex blog. I've only just started going through her posts from the beginning but I find her compelling reading. Once I've finished one post I start another - I can't stop. I still can't decide if it's real or not (and I don't mean that she's not a real doctor, she admits that herself, its just a moniker). Is it all true or just an amazing tale? Whatever, I'm enjoying the read - so much so that I want to give you just a few excerpts as I work my way through it all.

Just to give you a taste of her journey I'll compile some excerpts by category - this one is 'Interracial', a genre my wife enjoys reading. This story struck me so much I've excerpted all three parts - if this doesn't get you reading her blog I don't know what will! To see Lexi's complete journey click here.

The Party
July 15, 2015

It has taken me several days to write this post because I’m still not sure what to think about it. I wish this was a happier hotwife BBC (Big Black Cock) experience but I’m not sure if that is how I really feel. I’m not sure it isn’t though either. I really don’t know what it is.

Something happened to me that was not right in my mind. I didn’t realize that until Jill and I began comparing notes on Monday when we both realized our notes were full of holes.

I am not saying we were drugged. We probably weren’t, but I’m not sure of that either. What I am sure of is that part of my afternoon is missing. I am not saying that I don’t know what I did, but I am saying what I did is not clear in my mind like it normally is.

Yes, Jill and I were probably already drunk when we showed up to the party. With me it was nerves. I knew why I was there and why Michael wanted me there. I was there for a BBC experience with a man I met at the party on Friday night that made no excuses for why he was having the party on Sunday afternoon.

I’m not going to try and convince anyone I haven’t done stupid shit in my life, but I am telling you Sunday afternoon was a different experience.

When we arrived, there was a uniformed valet that took my car which led Jill and I to believe the party was much larger than it was. We were greeted at the door by our host who was trailed by a uniformed server who had two frozen drinks on his tray that looked like a blueberry daiquiri. Our host was drinking one and he proposed a toast to “women who enjoy the exploration of their bodies by men who want to unlock their secret passions.” I remember that clearly.

Who wouldn’t drink to that toast? That’s why Jill and I were there. Twenty minutes later I didn’t remember where I was for sure but wherever I was it didn’t matter. I didn’t care. Everything was right in Lexi’s world. I was on a sun pad on my back naked. I was watching Jill have sex with two men on a different sun pad. I think it was a different sun pad anyway. I’m not sure.

I only remember a couple of things about the man that was standing over her with his body plugged into her. He was wearing a huge gold necklace, diamond stud earrings and a gold Rolex watch. Jill was making a lot of noise. Seriously!

I wasn’t focused on what Jill was doing though, I was having weird thoughts about her shoes. She was wearing white squared heeled patent leather pumps and the heels were pointed up at the ceiling. I remember wondering who made that shoe, how much she paid for them and what size they were. Shoe size is not a conversation Jill and I have ever had so I was curious about that.

What is even stranger is that while I was wondering about her shoes our host was doing oral sex to me.

A millisecond later I had a huge black snake invade my body like never before, and that was that. I lost control of my body’s ability to think, to respond, and even breathe. I became nothing more than an extension of his body for what seemed like an eternity. I became his vessel. I have no idea how many men had sex with me at that party or how many times. My body probably knows but my mind doesn’t. It was a lot though. I am sure about that! I was in an emotional place I have never been, experiencing sex in a way I never have.

There was something else going on though. My thinking was fucked up and I still don’t know if it was a combination of alcohol and emotional stimulus that was experiencing maximum overload, or if we were drugged. Sex was pretty continuous. It just went on and on. First outside by the pool on a sun pad at the same time as Jill, then in a bedroom with African motif, then in a different bedroom with paintings of lions and tigers and sculptures of stuff. I didn’t know what it was and specifically remember thinking that I really didn’t give a shit.

That is not like me to have thoughts like that. There was nothing wrong with my motor skills but at times, I wondered if this was really me. I could walk fine even wearing stiletto heeled shoes walking from bedroom to bedroom and back out to the lanai then back to a bedroom with someone else.

It was the first time in my life I have ever been in the same place as other women having sex at the same time. When I wasn’t having sex I was sitting in a chaise drinking vodka and watching two blondes in the pool have sex with several men. 
I didn’t give a shit about any of it. I was just there. My body belonged to whichever man was penetrating me at the time.

Eventually Jill came and got me and told me it was time to go. We found our clothes got dressed and left. It was dark but I remember not giving a shit what time it was.

Jill and I had a somewhat meaningless conversation on the short drive back to my house once I convinced her I was ok to drive. I told her I was tired and wanted to go to bed and didn’t feel like talking and that was that. I told her I would call her in the morning and when I did, that is when she suggested to me may that we may have been drugged.

Monday morning Jill and I began to compare notes and we both realized there was a lot of missing detail. She suggested we may have been drugged, but I felt OK and she felt OK.

I thought that when women were given date rape drugs they could barely move. She said no, but she’s never been drugged before and neither have I. I guess in some ways I have led a sheltered life. She asked me how many women were there. I said three blonde and a redhead. She said there was a woman we never saw pulling the train in one of the bedrooms. I never saw any of that, or at least don’t remember seeing any of it

She asked me how many men were there. I had no idea. I guessed ten. She said there were a lot more than that but she didn’t know either because a lot of them were coming and going from one bedroom. That is why there was confusion about how many men were there. The train puller evidently had an audience. She asked me how many men had sex with me. That was a jackpot question and I didn’t know the answer but had been trying my best to figure it out.

The best I could remember for sure was Jim, out on the lanai, my first. Then there were two men with me in the bigger bedroom, and then two men with me in the smaller bedroom later. I am aware that I had sex with all of them

She shook her head. She told me that we both had sex with two men out on the sun pad before we were taken to separate bedrooms.

She said later we were sitting next to each other out by the pool. I told her I remembered me being there but not her. She said I asked about her shoes. I remembered thinking about her shoes while she was fucking, but I don’t remember talking to her.

“Was there a cock in me when I asked about your shoes?”

“No, we were drinking vodka.” Jill said.

By then I was pretty convinced that there was something in the blue drink we had when we first got there and that seriously pisses me off. I told Jill she was probably right and asked her what we should do about it.

“There is nothing we can do Alexis. We can’t prove one thing. We weren’t raped. It was a sex party. We knew that. It was consensual sex. We weren’t harmed. Maybe it was just supposed to calm us down. I don’t know, and don’t know how to find out.”

I thought about that. She was right. I didn’t know either.

“What are you going to tell Michael?”
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