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OPP: A Fantasy to End All Fantasies

This is not one of my old posts, but one by Pervertically Virtuous (scroll to bottom for more info)
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Pervertically Virtuous posted: "I have a special post for you today. It's from Ace, my husband. Three months ago, he wrote his first post for my blog, Cogito Ergo Sum (or Coming Out as Open); this is his second. A Fantasy to End All Fantasies I'm 44, and have been lucky enough to have e"

recovered post by Pervertically Virtuous

A Fantasy to End All Fantasies

by Pervertically Virtuous
I have a special post for you today. It's from Ace, my husband. Three months ago, he wrote his first post for my blog, Cogito Ergo Sum (or Coming Out as Open); this is his second.

A Fantasy to End All Fantasies

I'm 44, and have been lucky enough to have experienced about all of the sexual fantasies that I've I have had in my head at one time or another. Sometimes they live up to expectations, sometimes they don't. I guess that's part of the excitement of experimenting, you just don't know what the result will be. But recently one fantasy has popped up that I KNOW would exceed all expectations I could possibly have about it: 'To Fuck My Wife (The PVS) As A 17 Year Old'. Not her, mind you, ME. I'm 17 and she's exactly how old she is right now, 31.
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When I was 13, I remember thinking to myself, if I ever found a woman who liked giving blow jobs, I would marry her. This is not entirely relevant to the story but it shows how much, even at a very early age, I valued a woman who liked sex. In high school, hearing what I've now learned to be slut shaming, I was always confused that guys would think it was a bad thing that a girl had a reputation of liking sex. Personally, being a 17 year old boy with hormones raging, the thing I was most looking for WAS a slut.
I was actually looking for older sluts, to be exact, as 20's and 30's was the sweet spot for me back then. Something about women at that age was incredibly erotic. This was before the internet so my masturbation fantasies came from magazines, and I was always drawn to the slightly older, very sexually charged women. Little school girl outfits and girls with lollypops in lingerie totally didn't do it for me. Show me the 27 year-old in fuck me pumps, tattoos, the leather mini skirt and I was in heaven. Reading the erotic letters section about how 'she' loved it in the ass and wanted to swallow cum, was how I spent many a night before falling asleep.
Of course my reality was never quite what I wanted it to be; in fact, it was nowhere close. I did 'date' older women, as well as women my own age, but the sex was confused, embarrassing to some degree, and never of the raunchy, pornographic nature that I desired (give me a break, I was 17). Not that I'm complaining; being a teenager, I was just happy to have a woman touching my cock, I assure you. It's just that I was unable to find a woman who really embraced her sexuality, owned it, desired it enough to allow herself to be completely thought of as a sexual being, with no inhibitions (that does not mean no boundaries). I wanted to be with someone who oozed sex, who wore clothes that said 'I LIKE TO FUCK', who walked and talked the language of sex, who visually fulfilled all that I desired in a 'slutty' woman. Someone like The PVS. This, unfortunately, was not so easy to find as an awkward 17-year-old boy.
So that was me at 17; today at 44, I'm married to The PVS.
We were heading out for the evening a few weeks ago, and The PVS was walking around our apartment in high heels, hip-hugging pants that ended just below knee, and a skimpy leather top that revealed all her ink in good style. As I sat there, I just watched her sexy self slinking around our place, drinking her in, and enjoying just how desirable I found her.
Now the problem is, I'm in my mid-40's, and at this point in my life, I've had a reasonably high number of sexual experiences and partners, so the edge is gone from my sexual angst and energy. I deeply enjoy sex with The PVS, love it actually, but not like I would have at 17.
It was at this moment that I came up with my latest sexual be with her as my 17 year old self. It would probably make my head explode.
The PVS is the kind of woman who, when dressed in her sexually evocative way, I would have seen walking down the street, and have gotten sick to my stomach with how aroused she made me, how badly I desired her, and how completely distraught I was that I was not about to immediately have her. There were times, at that age, that I could have cum on the spot seeing a woman like this. Most likely I would have found the first available private spot to relieve myself. So I want to be that boy again, and get to experience this particularly perfect woman for my young desires. I truly believe it would be more than my brain could handle.
I'd meet her in Central Park on my way to Sheep's Meadow, where she'd be sitting on a bench reading something. I would have noticed her from far away probably as I would any sexually provocative woman I'd see. As I walk by her, she gives me a mischievous grin, and goes back to her book. I get about 20 paces away from her before I dare myself to go back and talk to her. Feigning complete confidence, which I was really a master at, I sit down next to her and say hi. We begin talking, and flirt for a good long while, before she has to leave but I ask for her number, and call her later that week. For the rest of the afternoon, she is all I can think of while I'm hanging out with my friends. That night she is the subject of several of my fantasies and continues to be for the next few days.
That weekend we meet at a cafe and end up spending the whole afternoon together. Lunch turns to dinner and the discussion has turned very sexual as she describes her life and how she believes a woman should have as much sex as she wants. She doesn't believe in monogamy which leaves me thinking..."There are women who do that?!". I'm so completely aroused by this woman in the way she looks and the way she talks, that my body is aching for her in every way. I'm 17, she's 31, and appears to me, in all seriousness, as the sex goddess of NYC. As we finish dinner, she invites me to come home with her and my head is spinning from the possibilities. This is the moment I have been waiting for since I started understanding what sex is.
For the rest of the evening my life becomes the personal porno that has been playing out in my head for the last few years. I loose count of how many times I've cum (its good to be 17 again, eh?). I have anal sex for the first time, something I never thought real women actually did. I am completely, and utterly, in every way possible, overcome with pleasure and satisfaction. To get to experience that kind of arousal, as someone who has only imagined it, but had been desiring it for about 4 or 5 years, is something that would be like nothing else. This is the kind of experience I'm looking for with her, as I believe she is exactly the type of woman I had been looking for back then (apparently now too).
Unfortunately, I do not believe this fantasy will be possible to live out, and my 44-year-old self will just have to settle for trying to imagine what that would have been like. I have a very active imagination, so perhaps I can get back to that space in my head in order to live this out. Maybe hypnosis is an option?  Hmmmm.....
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In the process of recovering my own old posts via email I discovered some of P.V.'s. Like me, her old accounts have been terminated, and she seems to have disappeared from the internet. This is a damn shame since I consider her one of the best sex bloggers I've ever had the chance to read and follow. I'm reposting her old posts as a historical archive, and if she ever returns to blogging I'm happy to hand them back to her.
To be clear: the copyright on this work is hers, and remains with her - I didn't write it and I make no claim to it.

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