Sunday, July 29, 2018

OPP: #SoSS ~ Sun 29 July

Image from May More © who is this week's prompt for the Masturbation Monday meme.
If you're quick you've still got time to submit an erotic piece inspired by those magnificent breasts!
The #SoSS meme is a roundup of favourite blogs I’ve visited this week. In order not to duplicate what others have done for #SoSS (Share Our Shit Saturday) (or Sunday if you forget/run out of time) I’m going to give you links to some of their older stuff - because I think their complete blogs are worth reading. Click the links for the full stories, because these are just excerpts.

May More ~ If Sex Matters - "Kink Me Three Ways"

Last week I went to a Rocky Horror Picture Show themed event and half the men were dressed in drag. So I chuckled when I saw May's post this morning. You might think I've given it all away with this excerpt but you'd be wrong - click the link for the full story: 
Kink one

Ever since I was a teenager it has been my desire to be physically hurt or, taken and used by someone else for their selfish gratification. 
Kink two

Having an older brother meant that right from a very young age I was subjected to a lot of glam rock. The likes of Marc Bolan singing or Tim Curry gyrating, sealed the fate of one of my other main kinks – effeminate men – particularly men wearing skimpy ladies panties. Just writing about this has an impact on my cunt. I can feel it pulsing, dampening my own knickers. I find it an extreme turn on. 
Kink three

It will also no surprise to my readers that I like to be tied up and spanked, whipped or belted...
[much more]

Posy Churchgate ~ Pillow Talk - Lazy Vacation Lust

Posy went on vacation and when she got back she wrote a whole essay about what she did during the holidays, which she then read to the whole class. The class got excited listening... :
Suck, nibble and pull - my teeth and mouth made tiny movements to torture the darkened flesh. I sucked at him, imagining I was pulling at my own nipples, sending sparks of fire radiating out from the tissues, a hot-line of sensation to his groin (I hoped). Fixing my lips wide around one nipple I pulled hard, I wanted to feel it drawing into my mouth, filling it. I tried to drag blood into the tiny area, to make it tingle and ache, heavy with need for the fucking we would both enjoy.

He groaned. “Don’t stop!” Trust me, I wouldn't!

I reached out for the little black anal plug, coating its surface with lube. In my spread position over his thighs, my pussy slick with my own cream, it slipped easily in place and I enjoyed the sensation, the invasion, the pressure. I felt like his dirty whore, I wanted to fill all my holes, only one had been neglected so far!
So I raised myself on my knees, letting his cock spring up firm and eager. It’s head was purpled with lust, its girth coated with my juices and my pussy clenched at the sheer joy of knowing that I was welcoming it home. I reached one hand behind me to hold the itty bitty butt plug in place before centring his cock at my entrance then sinking down in a rushing, satisfying thrust.

Speared, impaled on his manhood - I paused to
... [much more]

Kate Iselin ~  "Why Men Cheat With Sex Workers"

Kate Iselin is a sex worker in Australia who writes for I happened upon this column while trawling through the world wide wide web - I'll leave it to you to figure out why, and what I found interesting:
Talk about sex work for long enough, and the topic of cheating spouses invariably arises. When I first started working, I told myself I would refuse to see any married clients [...] but I’m glad I never baulked at seeing men who were married. 
What fascinating stories I was told by them: as they showered and dressed at the end of bookings they would often pepper the conversation with anecdotes about their wives and girlfriends, not put off at all by the surreal situation in which they relayed stories about their home lives. 
I’ve listened to tales of all sorts of relationship problems: wives who travel frequently, girlfriends who live abroad, women who work ‘too much’ or, for some reason or another, have lost the drive or desire to be intimate with their partners. Some men told heartbreaking stories of their own search for intimacy after their partners passed away or became unwell .
While sex workers are often blamed for luring men away from their happy homes and marriages, it’s difficult to imagine a situation in which an individual service provider can be held responsible for the clients who approach them. Sex workers do not, contrary to popular belief, contact innocent husbands and entice them to stray. 
A man who elects to spend some time with a sex worker is choosing to do so of his own free will; and I would warrant a bet that most have probably thought about doing it for some time before taking the plunge. Grabbing a Mars bar at the Coles check-out is an impulse purchase — seeing a sex worker isn’t. But why step outside a marriage for a quick thrill? 
I’m not the first person to say this, but the service a sex worker offers goes far beyond the sexual... [much more]


  1. Thanks Nero and I thought I put you off with the guy in lacy panties ;-)

    1. Not at all. You could talk me into it no problem, since I know it's a real turn-on for you!
      My wife has no interest in seeing me like that so I don't. Some women react positively to the idea (like you) and others react negatively - some very negatively. I would only do it if she asked (whoever 'she' was) because it's a bell that can't be unrung. Once you see me in drag you can't unsee it - ever!


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