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OPP: #SoSS - Saturday July 14 @PosyChurchgate @More_Matters

Image from May More © Oral Sex - My Journey To Enjoyment
Warning: this and other images in her post may induce arousal*

The #SoSS meme is a roundup of favourite blogs I’ve visited this week. In order not to duplicate what others have done for #SoSS (Share Our Shit Saturday) (or Sunday if you forget/run out of time) I’m going to give you links to some of their older stuff - because I think their complete blogs are worth reading. Click the links for the full stories, because these are just excerpts.

Mookie Spitz
 ~  "The Story of My Sexless Marriage"

Mookie has written a post that I was sorely tempted to excerpt in full (but I haven't). It's almost like he's describing my life at times. Almost but not quite - my wife is nowhere as bad as his!  I think he got a pretty raw deal, but he tells it in a humorous way: 
I knew my wife would never have sex with me. We’d play the same predictable game each week: me asking, her rejecting. Having a headache couldn’t work forever, so her denials became increasingly creative and conditional, leading to a series of excuses progressively more obnoxious and absurd.

At first she refused to make love because our apartment was too messy. After I finally managed to clean up, my wife’s next excuse was the bed. Was it too small? No. Was it too big? No. Was it too soft, too hard, too high, too low? No, no, no, no — then what, for chrissakes? She couldn’t or wouldn’t say. She simply didn’t like the bed. So we bought a new one. Was it any different? I couldn’t tell. Neither could she, apparently, because she still wouldn’t put out.

The switch perked her up, but the happier she got, the less inclined she remained. I had done everything she’d asked no matter how ridiculous, and her excuses were running out. Amazing how otherwise unimaginative people instantly become creative to avoid doing what they don’t like, necessity indeed the mother of invention, or in this case the engine of marital misery.

So she cunningly shifted from domesticity to biology, terrified of getting pregnant again. Birth control pills upset her, condoms could break, other planning methods proved too risky. Our only solution was to indefinitely forgo sexual intercourse. Maybe we could have sex again after the kids went to college, she explained, when she became menopausal, and I finally gave up.

Before you dismiss me as another sexist male, Neanderthal chauvinist, or pre-#MeToo asshole, allow me to assert that back in the day I tried: Flowers, date nights, candlelit dinners, breakfasts in bed, home improvement projects, investment plans, shopping sprees, Louis Vuitton bags, kid sitting weekends. Was I an awesome husband? No. Was I an abusive prick? Not by any stretch
... [much more]

Posy Churchgate ~ Under My Thumb

I've shared Posy's stuff here on #SoSS a few times, so no introduction should be necessary. Her blog is always great so check it out. I chose this post because she comes close to describing what I think is why my wife won't let me act out the dark fantasies I know she has (based on her erotic reading). Also she's recommended a few blogs and since I'm still on vacation that doesn't hurt either, does it? :
I test drive all my sex toys solo - I choose them myself and I try them out when I’m alone. If I like them and feel that my OH can be trusted with them, then I introduce him to the toys and how to use them.  (He almost always says “O my good gawd!” before rising to the occasion and indulging me - although I often suspect he feels intimidated by them!) There! - that was another giveaway! I said if I ‘feel he can be trusted with them’. Analysis of that is : I don’t want to put him in charge of my pain! Perhaps this means I’m not confident he will pick up on the signals that something hurts too much or feels overwhelming, resulting in me not only feeling the opposite of sexy, but also feeling very angry with him. 
Dom/Domme Blogs I enjoy reading:

Submissive / Poly Life Blogs I enjoy reading:  [much more]

May More ~ If Sex Matters - "Nudity, Shadows, and Copyright"

May is another blogger who needs ni introduction. I was going to use this post as reference for one of my own on the same subject but unfortunately I ran out of time before heading out on a long vacation. I have some responses of my own I want to make, but for now I'll just give you an excerpt of May's post:

A law that would mean people in the UK would have to prove they are 18 before being allowed to access pornography websites, has thankfully been postponed. (Let’s just remember that in the UK you can legally have sex at 16 – but apparently not watch it!). 
Such a piece of legislation would cause all kinds of complications. If verification requires the person to enter bank card details this will inevitably open the door to problems such as fraud. Not to mention the cost to sites in implementing the necessary software. Now, however, we are being threatened with another law from the EU that will open the door to mass internet censorship – taking us away from the open world wide web we have all enjoyed for the last 20 years. 'Article 13' wishes to enforce strict rules on copyright. Anything that may technically be seen as a breach of copyright – such as memes, and other types of user-generated content – would all be at risk. It is also possible a “tax” on links may be enforced.
Another thing to consider is that by putting the necessary code in place to abide by these rules, everything we post will be spied upon – so a decision can be made as to whether it should be censored or not. 
A further problem with Article 13 is that it makes no exceptions for fair use (a legal concept that allows the reproduction of copyrighted material for certain purposes without obtaining permission) – a foundation of the internet.

It’s a very sad state of affairs that we are not left to use our own critical thinking skills to choose what we wish to view. I am more than capable of working this out without the need for default filters and blocks, to protect me and my family. I don’t need to be told what is good for us. As a capable individual, I can... [much more]


  1. Thanks Nero - reading that quote from my post makes me think I am such a serious Chick ;-)

  2. Thanks Nero - I think May IS a serious chick (when she needs to be) and the article you picked from her blog is a good one. Mookie's was great too - I love his self-effacing humour and may well investigate his blog further.
    Delighted that you enjoyed my navel-gazing post about could I/would I let my OH dominate me ... still haven't quite got to a decision on that one, but I am delighted I helped present a PoV to you that might help you in your own bedroom dilemmas!! I've often said I can see parallels between my relationship with my OH and yours with "Mrs Nero". Great shares old chum - enjoy your vacation in Europe x

  3. I already follow Posy and May, but this Mookie is new to me, and I am always looking for more of the guys' perspective. I will check him out.


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