Thursday, July 5, 2018

#ThirstyThursday - Dudes who brag about giving oral sex...

Dudes who brag about giving oral sex make me roll my eyes so hard. Like, yeah. Giving your partner pleasure is core to the experience of sex for most decent people. I'm glad you and your partners enjoy your oral fervor but you really don't need to brag about it, my man. ~ Kate Sloan

Moments after finishing my post Saturday's Lunch Was Late - But I Ate Heartily I hopped on to Twitter and saw this tweet - and laughed out loud. Because I'd just written a post that professed my love of eating pussy!

What was funny was that I've been having exactly the same thought for the past six months or so that @Girly_Juice is expressing. I'd been looking at a lot of my old posts from years gone past (looking for material for 'new' posts tagged/labelled Flashback, Replay, Throwback Thursday, ICYMI, etc) and I'd noticed three things:

1] my life is going in circles - the same issues and problems ("my wife hasn't had sex with me for months - whaaaa!") just keep returning in an endless loop.

2] the sex I do have follows a familiar pattern.

3] I really do talk a lot about how much I love eating pussy.

So it had occurred to me already that I need to stop going on about the latter because I may be coming off as a bit douchey. Blogging (on whatever social platform you use) is a public medium and you can't control what people see on their feed(s) and you can't know how they will respond to it. 

I know in my own mind I genuinely do love it and have been doing it since I first started getting sexually intimate with women (including the girls in High School). That was {ahem} back in the late 70s/early 80s and (I'm not boasting - I promise!) a lot of guys didn't do that then. I thought they were missing out, and as I got older I became aware that even many adult men still wouldn't countenance going down on a woman. Madness!

Even here in the new millennium, in 2018, there are still hold-outs who refuse to do it. Yes, they are idiots and dinosaurs, but they still walk this earth and I was kinda thinking that maybe if I included it in my blogging maybe I could help the cause. Because I wanted to let other guys (those who don't) know that there's nothing dirty, disgusting or unsanitary about going down on a woman.

As @Girly_Juice says (I'm paraphrasing) if you think its reasonable to expect her to go down on you then there's no reason she shouldn't expect you to go down on her. 

So if it comes off as me boasting I apologize, that was not my intention. If I come off, even now, as 'mansplaining' then again I apologize, that was not my intention. 

It's just that I'm over 50 and a lot of my generation didn't do cunnilingus. We weren't (and possibly still aren't) as 'woke' as these young millennials are today. For them I do think its ludicrous they should be bragging and boasting about their oral skills - its the text version of a dick pic. Save it for someone who wants it!

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