Tuesday, July 10, 2018

#TMITuesday: July 10, 2018 ~ Here’s Looking at You!

Here’s looking at you. . .

1. What is the most marvelous thing you have ever seen?

- I’m currently cruising the Baltic and that’s impossible to answer right now! First time I’ve been up this way and it’s amazing. Stunning cathedrals and palaces in St Petersburg, Stockholm, Helsinki, and Coppenhagen. I wouldnt want to live there but the palaces (now museums) in St Petersburg (formerly Leningrad formerly St Petersburg) are jaw dropping.

2. Are you a starter or a finisher?

- I start more things than I finish, but I only don’t finish what I’ve started if I think its not worth finishing. I can be stubborn, but also I’m not foolish!

3. When did your heart last ‘skip a beat’? Why?

- That doesn’t happen to me, but... I will admit I was captivated by a young American girl (woman really, mid-twenties) on the ship the other night. We were all gathered in a large bar/club for the 80s disco and she was in a little blue slip dress and danced like hippy chick with rhythm. I figured she was either a dancer or an athlete because her bod was built just right.

4. What does your perfect day look like?

- It been sunshine every day on this cruise (except every morning it rained it St Petersburg - sunny n the afternoons) and that’s how I like my days to be: sunshine and wandering the streets of places I’ve never been before.

5. What would you call your autobiography?

- I just read a really great memoir on the boat which I’ll blog about later (God’s Call Girl) which did make me think about mine. It won’t be called ‘Nero Speaks’, but it will be something similar. Probably ‘The Madness & Sadness of King George’

Bonus: How does it feel to be photographed?

- Not so great at the moment since I’m overweight. Not as bad as the other people on this cruis ship mind you! OMG cruise ships are a definite warning as to a possible future if you dont look after yourself (or god forbid you get struck down by something)

Double Bonus: In case you missed it, one from the archives: My wife is a drunken slut!


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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  1. You sound like you are having a fab time - would love to visit all those places but not keen on boats - having much sex? ;-)


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