Tuesday, July 31, 2018

#TMITuesday: July 31, 2018 ~ Straight or Sexy?

It’s the end of the month, don’t let it get away without playing TMI Tuesday!

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Tell it to us straight or sexy…

1. One thing that you will never do again?
~ Suck cock.

2. Who knows you the best?
~ Ha - me of course! Certainly not my wife, who spends a lot of time reading books on how to manage people better and going to seminars on how to manage people better. She reads books on how to raise teenage girls, but never anything about marriage. I guess she thinks she has that covered.

3. Do you think a relationship should be 50/50 all the time?
~ Not all the time, but it should average out to equal. Unless one partner is happy with the other being the dominant partner of course. And if that's the case you better be damned sure the 'lesser' partner IS happy, otherwise you're in for a big shock when their silent seething explodes into expressed rage.

4. When was your most recent act of kindness? Was it appreciated?
~ Both my wife and child have no idea about half the sh!t I do to keep things rolling along. A few months back my wife's single friends had to point out to her all the nice things I do for her - and they also noted that she was completely oblivious and didn't even acknowledge what I was doing when I did these things! So that was nice (for me). My wife was sheepish and apologized to me and promised to acknowledge me more but that only lasted a week.

5. Are you a good friend? Why or why not?
~ I am - in theory. My circle of friends has diminished greatly in the last 10 years. But I am fiercely loyal and even of we haven't seen each other in a long while I'm still ready to help wherever I can. I think my friends know they can rely on me.

6. What is something that you tried really hard to like but just couldn’t?
~ Gnocchi.  I'm kidding - I didn't try very hard at all. If I don't like something I don't eat it. I don't care how 'cool' it is or if all the hipsters in Brooklyn are eating it - just give me a proper meal I can chomp on. Like char grilled octopus. None of these fancy 'tasting plates' with a teaspoon of something deconstructed thank you. 

Bonus: How was your month of July? Did you do anything fun, interesting, new?
~ Why yes, I went on a two week cruise through the Baltic Sea and visited a bunch of places I've never been to before, namely Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallinn, Copenhagen, St Petersburg, and Roystock (where I swam naked on their nude beach - the first time in my life I've ever done that).

Double Bonus: If you're feeling brave you can read My Daughter’s First Blow Job (it's nonfiction and not erotic, duh). Or Saturday's #SoSS post (which was late, so posted on Sunday)

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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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