Monday, August 6, 2018

#MasturbationMonday - Football In the Park

This image by Daddy’s Little Monster © is the prompt for this week's Masturbation Monday challenge.
It is a complete work of fiction, inspired by the above image. It's a long read but hopefully a good read.

I woke late on Sunday morning, the dull throb at my temples a gentle reminder that I had drunk too much the night before. Gentle, as in 'it could have been worse Susan, a lot worse'. Jeff and I had been doing shots last night - way too many shots. Still, it had led to a very interesting night. We'd crossed a few lines last night, and done things we'd never done before.

As I remembered exactly what we'd done a dull pain returned to my arse. Jeff had spanked it last night, repeatedly. He'd never done that before. I rubbed it as I walked to the shower, the memory of the previous night flooding back with crystal clarity. The internet had gone down and with it our plans to 'Netflix and chill'. Jeff had huffed and puffed all over the house, checking for signal strength, rebooting the Apple TV, unplugging and replugging the modem - only to return to the sofa after 20 minutes with a deck of cards, a bottle of vodka, and two shot glasses.

"Fucking technology" he cursed, "we're going to have to kick it old school'

"Cards? Really?" I had asked, "And what's the vodka for - that looks dangerous"

"That's to make it interesting" he said, as he began shuffling the deck "we're going to play 'Snap!'"

"'Snap!'?" I exclaimed. "I haven't played that since I was eight. That's when my father taught me how to play poker - and I was beating him by the time I was ten, you know?"

"Yes, I do" smiled Jeff, "that's why we're playing 'Snap!' The loser has to choose 'Truth or Dare' or take a shot if they forfeit"

Playing 'Truth or Dare' with your husband of ten years get's pretty silly pretty fast. We knew each other too well so we ran out of questions for the 'Truth' component, and the 'Dare' segment quickly became just stripping off a layer of clothing, which left us almost naked doing shots within about forty minutes. Within an hour we were both quite buzzed (independent observers might have judged us 'drunk') and daring each other to commit indecent acts upon the other. The cards had long been discarded but we still continued to do the shots, for no good reason.

I dared Jeff to go down on me without touching me with any part of himself except his tongue, which he did - admirably. He countered by making me do the same - I had to deep throat his cock with my hands held behind my back, which is more difficult than you think when you're tipsy. He helped by sitting on the edge of the sofa, with his knees stretched wide. I knelt between his legs and did the sexual equivalent of bobbing for apples.

Initially I lost my balance a few times but I steadied myself and found my rhythm. Very soon I was gobbling on his dick like a back alley whore, thrusting down hard on his meaty thickness until my nose was buried in his pubes, before whipping back to grab a lungful of air. I started licking and sucking on the knob of his cock, flicking my tongue into the eye of his prick and making him moan like a High School virgin. When I felt his member throbbing in my mouth I knew he was ready to cum so I pulled back and released him from my oral cunt.

"What the fuck?" he cried, when he realized my throat was not coming back. "Why did you stop? I was just about to cum... I'm ready to cum... fucking hell! C'mon Susan, don't leave me hanging" he pleaded.

"Good" I laughed, as I poured us two more shots. "That will make the next part easier for you - I dare you to spank me. Put me over your knee and smack my arse. Punish me for being the naughty girl I am"

I don't recall where I found those words from, it's not like me at all, but I do remember his response. It was immediate. The words were no sooner out of my mouth than he'd grabbed me by the wrist - yanking me up off the floor and pulling me onto his lap. He yanked me so hard and fast it hurt my arm, but the adrenalin surging through me quickly made the pain evaporate.

Jeff had never been so rough with me before - the most he'd ever done was to pound me mercilessly from behind, doggy style - but I have to admit I liked it. I don't know why, all I know was that my whole body flushed and I felt a sense of exhilaration I couldn't explain. It was raw and animalistic.

Jeff manhandled me some more, until he had me where he wanted me - stretched over his spread legs with his erect prick poking up into my tummy. My arse was bent over one leg, his dick pressed against my belly button, and my tits were squished against his other thigh.  My large breasts weren't the most comfortable but I had no time to complain - without warning a hand rained down and smacked my right butt cheek.

I screamed out loud because it hurt. A sharp heat radiated across my cheek, followed immediately by another hand doing the same to my other cheek. Jeff smacked both arse cheeks then stopped to rub them tenderly. No sooner had the pain subsided than he was spanking me again, this time twice on each cheek before applying his soothing squeeze. And on he went.

I was surprised how good it felt. I knew it was meant to feel good, but the first two blows had really hurt so I fully expected the pain to continue. But it didn't. It morphed into something else. The heat on my arse radiated straight to my cunt, and then spread out further across my body. It was like receiving an electrical charge with every smack Jeff administered. The energy surged through me and my pussy was on fire.

My nipples were rock hard and I felt so wet I was sure I was puddling on his leg. For his part I could feel Jeff's cock throbbing beneath me. It was slick with pre-cum - sawing back and forth across my stomach as I squirmed and wriggled on top of him. Maybe it was the vodka but I kinda zoned out. I just collapsed on his lap - moaning and groaning as Jeff continued to punish my butt.

Jeff didn't know it but I was his fucktoy now - he could have done whatever he wanted to me and I wouldn't have minded. He could've fucked my asshole for all I cared at that moment, I was so blissed out. As my rump shook with every blow he delivered on my arse I imagined him pounding my pussy from behind.

Fantasy turned into reality when, again without warning, Jeff pushed me aside and got out from under me. I caught a glimpse of his big throbbing cock as he stood up and pushed me face down into the sofa. He dick was purple and angry, and glistening with pre-cum. He was clearly ready to ejaculate and right at that point I was oh-so-ready to be his dirty little cum dumpster. I felt so wanton, all I could think about was him shooting his hot load inside me.

As I stepped into the shower I remembered what had happened next. My knees were on the floor and my face was pressed sideways into the couch. Jeff placed his hand on the back of my neck and locked my head where it was. With his other hand he grabbed my hip, pulling my arsecheeks apart slightly as he thrust forward. His cock jabbed at me twice before finding the sweet spot, and sliding inside.

He slipped in easily, and yet at the same time he felt so big. I guess it was because I was so wet but I felt deliciously full as his massive girth stretched me wider than I'd felt in a long time. The other thing I remembered was the heat. My butt was still stinging and the heat was burning inside me like a furnace. My pussy felt so hot, and so did his cock! It was like a red hot poker pushing in and out of my cunt, and yet... it felt wonderful.

The images from the night before were so visceral I couldn't help myself. My soapy hands found their way to my vulva and I gripped myself tightly as my body relived the sensations of the previous night's sexscapade. It was like watching a porn movie in my head now as I replayed the action and tried to time my pending orgasm with the memory of last night's massive climax.

My clit was big and hard as my slick fingers ran deep through my slit, and my knees started to buckle. I steadied myself against the shower wall as I saw myself last night, face down on the sofa, and Jeff grunting wildly as he reamed my sopping cunt. He was totally lost in his pleasure and I felt absolutely used as his hand scrabbled across my face. All the while his hard thrusts pummeled into my wet hole until I felt his cock suddenly twitch, and then explode.

I felt each pulsing spurt of his sticky seed and that finished me. My own orgasm exploded and I collapsed onto the couch, my vagina squirting it's own hot mess over the plush fabric. That was another first, I'd never done that before!

Right on cue I came again, in the shower. It wasn't as long and deep as last night's but it felt good. Quick and dirty, a cheeky moment of self pleasure. I felt a twinge of guilt when I realized Jeff was still in bed and would probably have loved a Sunday morning quickie, but I forgave myself with the knowledge he was probably more hungover than I was.

God, he was such a different man last night and I blushed again as remembered how much I'd loved it.  He was an animal, and I was his mate. He'd fucked me royally - what more could a girl ask for?

[continued in Part Two]


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  1. Very good Nero! was a great prompt pic though ;-)

  2. Well I definitely like where this is going, lol.

  3. I am pleased you changed where you took a break in this tale, your first 'Part 1' felt just a little too long.

    1. Yes, I knew that when I posted it but felt that I owed it to the MM prompt to keep going until I got to the knickers in the picture. But that bit is in Part 2 now!


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