Tuesday, August 7, 2018

TMI Tuesday: August 7, 2018 ~ It's Tricky!

Greetings & Salutations. Another TMI Tuesday presented today to jump-start your 
writing reading, jog your memory, and spur deep thought. It’s tricky…

1. Is falling in love effortless?
~ In theory yes. But it's not the falling in love that counts, its the staying love that's the tricky part. I've had some wild crushes and fallen heed over heels for women who two weeks later I don't want to see any more. If you're finding it difficult to fall in love that's only because you have standards and aren't prepared to 'settle'. Which is a good thing. 

2. Is your significant other most like your mom or your dad?
~ Dear god, she's so like my mother it's embarrassing. We had this out over ten years ago, since of course my wife insists she's nothing like my mother. Yeah, right! They both love shopping, they both buy shit they don't need, they'll both talk to people they've never met before like they're BFF's, they both embellish the truth when sharing anecdotes in order to win over these new BFF's, they're both materialistic but insist they aren't, they both... honestly the list is as long as my arm.
I'm kicking myself because my mother is the last type of woman I'd want to marry, and in all honesty I feel a little cheated. My wife was the black sheep of her family when I met her, and nothing like the woman she reverted to when they reconciled five years later. Which is when my wife slowly started to become my mother. :(

3. Which parent do you identify with most?
~ My father, in spirit. My parents are both dead now but my father died first. I was left to look after my mother and it was only at that point that I realized just how much my father had done for mother to keep her happy. It was draining. As we move into middle age I realize just as my wife has become my mother so too have I become my father. The amount of BS I put up with just so the family can all get along is just like what he was doing.

4. What one thing are you lacking that you believe will make your life run smoother?
~ My own independent wealth/finances. We used to have joint accounts and everything was pooled together - until my wife sold her business for millions. Suddenly that became her money and my money became my money. Except I didn't have any money - not really. My wife chooses and pays for all the vacations and all the household bills but I have no involvement in anything. My real concern is health insurance, in that we don't have any. My wife believes we have enough money to pay for any emergency should it arise but I'm getting nervous. What if she decides I'm a Grump Old Man and kicks me out when I'm 60? It's a bit late to be starting to save money for healthcare and retirement.

5. Which is sexier: constantly pushing the boundaries or playing by the rules?
~ I've always pushed the boundaries and always will. My wife used to find that sexy, but now she wishes I conformed more with what everyone else is doing. Now that she buys my clothes she's getting what she wants.

Bonus: Do you think confessions make a relationship stronger?
~ That depends. Are you talking about confessing a desire to be spanked or a confusing attraction to the fifteen year old across the street? IMO you should only confess as much as your partner can deal with. Anything more and you're giving them a burden, not the gift of sharing. This is especially true of infidelity. So you cheated? Suck it up and keep your mouth shut. Telling him/her what you did might relieve your stress of being found out but all you've done is saddle your partner with a thousand questions and the mental image of you fucking someone else. 

Double Bonus:
You can read my Masturbation Monday here - its another attempt by me at erotic fiction. My #SoSS post also includes more links to other people's erotic content.

Triple Bonus: Here's a group I was into well before 'Walk This Way'... 


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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