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#WickedWednesday ~ Football In The Park - Part 2

This image is by Daddy’s Little Monster ©  This story is a complete work of fiction, inspired by the above image. 
You can read Part One here.

As I stepped out of the ensuite shower and towelled off I could see Jeff was up already, which surprised me. He was sitting on the corner of the bed, lacing up his Nikes.

"Where are you off to in such a hurry?" I questioned "you haven't even showered..."

"Football, with the lads" he replied, matter-of-factly "and you're coming too, remember?"

I didn't. Apparently I'd agreed to it last night, but I must have been drunk. I'd stopped watching him play social soccer with his mates about eighteen months into our relationship - once the 'honeymoon phase' had worn off.  It had been years since I'd watched him play and although I was grateful it had kept him fit I did not relish the idea of standing on the sidelines for 90 minutes while he ran around chasing a football.

"Too bad, you're going. You're my slave for the day, remember?" he said "you have to do what I tell you for 24 hours."

I closed my eyes rather than have him see me roll my eyes. I groaned inwardly as I remembered how in the afterglow of last night's sex we had chuckled and agreed that he was my Master now - and I would be his submissive little sex slave until the work week started on Monday. It had all been a great laugh last night but this morning I was not in the same mood.

Jeff didn't give a fuck how I felt.

"Put those on" he directed, pointing to the peasant skirt and knickers he'd laid out on my side of the bed. "You can choose your own top to match" he continued, "but it has to be tight - and no bra. I want the lads to see your tits... let's see how many goals I can score while they're drooling at you!"

I wasn't at all onboard with this mentally but my body betrayed me. My nipples were rock hard, painfully so, and my pussy tingled. What the fuck? I tentatively picked up the knickers and held them out in front him. "These?" I said, incredulously. They weren't even panties really, they were a pair of ouvert French knickers I'd bought online two years earlier when I'd bought myself a vibrator.

They were very sexy but thoroughly impractical. Racey red in color they had nothing at the back, leaving my arse completely exposed. I'd worn them just a couple of times in the bedrom, wiggling my butt at Jeff teasingly, until he would grab me and give me the aforementioned merciless pounding from behind. But they hadn't been all that great for the doggy position, and I learned later that they were designed more for anal sex. Something Jeff and I had never tried, and something they hadn't mentioned on the website.

"Yes, those!" said Jeff firmly. "That's what the peasant skirt is for... easy access, just like those naughty knickers. Because today my little pet I'm going to be fucking you outdoors. In broad daylight"

I gulped. We'd fucked in the back of our car once or twice, but that had been when we were in our twenties. Now we were in our thirties it just seemed reckless.

"Now now" said my husband soothingly as he sensed my apprehension, "it's going to be great."

Jeff stepped forward and gently pulled the towel from me, exposing me fully to his approving gaze. My whole body flushed red under his stare. Moving me to the edge of the bed he placed a hand at the small of my back and pushed softly. I don't know why but I instinctively bent forward, doubling over and placing my hands down on the mattress. I felt giddy as I assumed the position, straightening my back horizontally in order to push my arse out further behind me.

"That's a good girl" said Jeff, as he smacked my waiting butt. It wasn't a hard spank, but he was letting me know who was in charge. "Is my little girl ready to get fucked behind the football stand today?" he asked, as he smacked me again.

"Well, is she?!" he said more firmly, as he smacked me harder due to my non response.

"Y-y-yes" I stammered, which was most unlike me. Unhappy with my reply Jeff whacked me again, and more forcefully this time. I felt that familiar warm blush spread across my arse.

"Yes, Sir" I repeated, without reservation. "Your little girl will be ready and waiting this afternoon for whenever you wish to give her your cock!" I said boldly. Again I didn't know where the words came from but I figured 'in for a penny, in for a pound'. If Jeff wanted me submissive then I was going all in - my wet pussy having already endorsed the decision.

"Very good!" said my husband, "but perhaps a little too keen. Maybe my little girl needs to learn her place?" Jeff spanked me again, this time catching both cheeks with one hand. "Maybe I should teach her a lesson?" he continued, "maybe if I shared her with the lads at half time she'll learn who's pleasure she serves?" He smacked me again, this time quite hard and with just a touch of malice. "Maybe I'll bring you into the changing rooms at half time and let the guys have a little circle jerk with you at the centre? Would you like that my pet? Would that make you happy, all those cocks and all that hot jizz?"

I didn't answer. He couldn't be serious, could he? This had escalated way too fast - he had to be kidding. He was teasing me, right? Taunting me. Yesterday we were vanilla but today we were D/s? It couldn't be happening, he couldn't seriously be wanting me to service all his mates in a smelly old locker room beneath a football stand? I shivered at the thought, imagining myself on my knees scrabbling around, going from cock to cock - licking and sucking each one to keep them hard, never knowing when one would erupt in my face, spraying my hair with their sticky mess...

Jesus.Fucking.Christ!  My pussy was absolutely throbbing - I needed Jeff's cock in me soooo bad. But I was His sub now, and I would have to wait until Sir gave me his cock....

[continued in Part Three]


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  1. Okay, I had to go back to read part 1 because part 2 is so hot and now I am waiting for part 3... hot story!

    Rebel xox

    1. Thanks! I have a very definite idea of what happens next - but what do you think should happen?

  2. This makes for a great 2nd part, I truly can't wait for what happens next. I like you in the woman's shoes (so to speak!) Keep going!

  3. Definitely a bit of anticipation over what comes next.

    Cara T


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